Is it REALLY Worth It?- NEW WINDOWS Edition

February 2, 2012 § 8 Comments

Who needs blinds when you can’t afford furniture? Ahhh.

I don’t want the caption to scare anyone. I actually believe there is a great benefit to replacing your windows… IF and only IF you need to… and there is a thin line. Allow me to draw that line out plain and clear for you…
Last year, I made  the decision to replace all the windows in my home. I thank GOD everyday for the wisdom to go ahead and do it. It’s a big investment, but it also can be SOOOOO worth it once you’ve weighed-out all the factors. 

My scenario:
1. I have a 19-year-old two-story home with a loft. (Lofts or really high ceilings tend to suck away a lot of  heat. Why? Well, because heat rises and when it does those areas are like little pockets where the heat goes to stay… instead of being enjoyed by those of us who PAY for HEAT) 

2. It’s a foreclosure so the previous owner did NOTHING when it came to maintenance. Never sealed the windows. NEVER PAINTED!! (Why? He obviously wasn’t very interested) And so, all my heat was going, literally, out the window. My heat ran NON-STOP everyday. There was hardly ever a time I heard my furnace turn-off. 

3. My gas bill was averaging in the cold months (Nov-March) $300 a month. I actually saw it get up to the $400s at one point (*tears*)

4. I’m not sure if this is still going on, but the cost of repairs for windows, doors ie. some home improvements, actually, is a tax right off… IF you’re a home owner. 

The attempted solutions:
I tried the window strips I’m not a fan. I felt stupid putting them up and in the long run I didn’t get the results I needed. I could still feel some air passing through most times.

I tried the plastic covers beyond looking RIDICULOUS, they didn’t really help much either. They’re a pain to put up, they don’t always stay-up either and they only capture air, they don’t really affect the room temperature. A band-aid to the problem. 

How I afforded my windows without going crazy broke and where is my gas bill now? 

Instead of paying out of my pocket. I hired a licensed, INSURED window installation company during a sale they had. I chose windows that could block air from passing through, but also used certain UV rays to help heat in the winter and repel in the Summer (I don’t remember the details but windows are made FAR more energy-efficient now then they used to be… you should speak with an expert for details). I received no interest for 12 months financing, used my tax return and paid it off. So my monthly income and savings didn’t go towards replacing my windows at all. My bill is now $70 in the winter. Highest I’ve paid for gas in the winter since the window repairs? $90. 

Now some may argue if I paid (let’s say) $5,000 to replace my windows and before I got them I was doing $300/mth for 5 months out of the year…  it would take me about 3 years before I would begin to see the savings. However, I would argue that at least now there’s a chance for me to save SOMETHING opposed to NOT! I’m on year 2 and it feels great seeing a gas bill come in the mail and not sweating bullets about how to pay it. One more year and my windows (technically) start paying for themselves. 

When it’s not worth it:

  • When you only need to paint… painting your home every 2-3 years, including your windows, does so much! You may need to just paint and CAULK. Try this first.

*Also note* Homes with high ceilings or lofts can redistribute the heat if you reverse the direction of your fans (make them go counter-clockwise). That will push the heat down from the ceilings towards the ground.

Good luck and stay warm!


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