That mess HURT!!!

January 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

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So, I’m debating whether or not to state the obvious… the obvious being me being gone for a way long time (I know English… loosen up) and honestly there is no good excuse… so I’ll just use this one:
Shit happens…
Moving on… In the time I was gone though, I thought about this place a lot and had to come back. One time in particular TBID crossed my mind was when I electrocuted myself trying to SIMPLY move a couple of outlets around. Nothing major. Just your everyday “Hey that switch on the right should be on the left, maybe I should move it” and BAM… I’m electrocuted. Let me be very very clear… THAT SHIT HURTS!!!!!! If you think that a simple little switch in a home won’t sting the crap out of you you’re wrong.
Play by play:
First… I didn’t really cut all the power off from the breaker box like I was supposed to… I take total responsibility for that and HIGHLY recommend when working with electricity that you always turn the power OFF from the breaker… I was just being lazy and arrogant!
Anyway I unscrewed the two switches whose positions I wanted to switch and I’m guessing they touched each other wrong while also touching me… and then well, bzzzzzzzt.
Second… then I realized, “DAMMIT Niel!! Turn the power OFF from the breaker!!!” So I go and turn the power off from the breaker… except the IDIOT that hooked the breaker box up didn’t run this outlet to the right breaker… OH NO!!! He runs it to my AC/FURNACE!!! Ugh so of course… BZZZZT again!
Take away… when you don’t know FOR A FACT that the electricity is cut off to a particular outlet turn EVERYTHING OFF!! I mean EVERYTHING! Yes even the AC/Furnace breaker. Hell turn off the garage too! That way you won’t have to spend the day with your arm aching like I did.

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